Zen, Delta Awards Selection 2013

Zen is among the candidates for best design of the year

Zen, by Arkoslight, is among the candidates for best design of the year in the Delta Awards 2013. These awards are among the most outstanding industrial design competitions worldwide.

Zen, designed by Rubén Saldaña Acle, convinced the jury members who have rated its adaptability and environmental respect, its coherence in technology, color and materials use -as well as its manufacturing process-. Also the communicative power of its image and the ability of it to promote the interpretation of its functions and the emotional satisfaction of the final user have been key points of this selection.

The Zen’s selection in this Delta Awards edition promotes the public recognition of a product that outstands by its innovation, by the conceptual renovation demonstrated in its creation, by the public response obtained, and by its environmental fitting, as well as by its formal elaboration and manufacturing quality.

ZEN is one of the smallest spotlights in the market (1,16Kg y 0,006m3) and is designed to take all lighting applications carried out until now by luminaires with the traditional QR-111 lamp. In comparison with the last, ZEN is compact, light and significantly smaller.

Thus, the new track light of Arkoslight is a spotlight much better integrated in the environments where it is installed, without generating and invasive presence to the interior design of the places where it is located. This is achieved, also, by being highly customizable.

ZEN comes in colours (white; black; and black and white) and stands out by the novelty of its customizable panels on the swivel part of the spotlight. These panels are available in the catalogue in natural ash, iroko and walnut wood. However, optionally upon customer request they can be supplied in any natural wood, colours, patterns, logos, etc.

Arkoslight has encouraged the versatility of this spotlight and offers the possibility of installation off-track, with adapters for individual surface or recessed assembly. Even the light beam of ZEN is customizable, with reflectors easily interchangeable without tools, which allow the customer to change the opening among 16º, 24º and 42º.

ZEN meets also the requirements of lighting designs needing special light effects offering optional aesthetic filters in colours and technical filters for food lighting.

Moreover, ZEN is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, as it is completely made of aluminium, it has easily separable parts for recycling and it has been design to consist of the least possible number of parts. Furthermore, the aluminium used in ZEN is 100% recyclable by a process consuming just 5% extra energy than it was used to obtain the original primary aluminium.

In short, a wide range of customization, crowned by the hallmark of Arkoslight design. In ZEN, this design is based on timeless forms, oriented towards functionality and simplicity, hunting for a lasting, serene and ostentation free beauty.

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