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ZEN projector from Arkoslight selected at 4th Ibero-American Design Biennale.

The design by Rubén Saldaña will be on display at the BID 2014 exhibition at the Matadero Madrid Design Centre between 25 November and 28 February.

Zen, the new projector from Arkoslight designed by Rubén Saldaña, has been selected as a finalist for the 4th Ibero-American Design Biennale (BID). Zen is one of the six products selected by Spain in the category of Industrial Design / Product Design.

The LED rail spotlight from Arkoslight will be on display at the BID 2014 exhibition at the Matadero Madrid Design Centre between 25 November and 28 February. Furthermore, as a finalist design, ZEN will be included in the roaming BID 2014 exhibitions that will take this ZEN design to various national and international exhibitions over the next two years.

The Ibero-American Design Biennale is an event that comprehensively encompasses the entire field of design: from education and culture to economics. The BID includes exhibitions, retrospectives and the BID Meeting Zone: conferences, debates and workshops that will enable dialogue and exchange between professionals, students, companies and anyone else interested in discovering more about the ideas coming from Ibero-American creators in the field of design.

ZEN: the design

ZEN is a projector whose design offers the best features with the least consumption. It boasts incredible performance and versatility with rail, surface and recessed versions, and finishes in natural wood or a range of colours, as well as numerous other customisable features.

ZEN’s design has been created with meticulous care, right down to the smallest detail. The result is an attractive luminaire with pure and simple lines offering timeless beauty. The minimalist aesthetic means it fits perfectly into any space without imposing on or otherwise adversely affecting the general appearance of that space.

Furthermore, its customisable natural wood finishes add extra warmth and a degree of distinction that can only be found with these attractive rail spotlights.

The design of the ZEN dissipator offers incredible performance. While upholding the minimal size philosophy, it impeccably performs the task of cooling and maintaining the light source within its optimal operating temperature range.

Regarding the LED itself, this product guarantees durability and a long useful life. A guarantee thanks to which the long-term efficiency of the investment represented by converting to LED remains sound in terms of economics, the environment and sustainability.


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