Stram, Delta Awards Selected 2014

The Arkoslight’s downlight is among the candidates for best design of the year

Stram, by Arkoslight, is among the candidates for best design of the year in the Delta Awards 2014. These awards are among the most outstanding industrial design competitions worldwide. Stram, designed by Rubén Saldaña Acle, convinced the jury members who have rated its adaptability and environmental respect, its coherence in technology, color and materials use -as well as its manufacturing process-.

Also the communicative power of its image and the ability of it to promote the interpretation of its functions and the emotional satisfaction of the final user have been key points of this selection. The Stram’s selection in this Delta Awards edition promotes the public recognition of a product that outstands by its innovation, by the conceptual renovation demonstrated in its creation, by the public response obtained, and by its environmental fitting, as well as by its formal elaboration and manufacturing quality.

Stram, by Arkoslight

Stram is a recessed LED with an unusual and attractive design. The outer bezel forms a ring around the diffuser with a gentle radial slope that helps create a degrading effect in the light. The entire piece is finished in textured white. Together with the vibrant lines of the overall design, this gives the piece a marked presence that is both elegant and minimalistic. Stram is a downlight that arose from the need to offer maximum light performance with the best visual comfort.

This combination is possible thanks to the most characteristic element of this luminaire’s design: the diffuser that concentrates the light to offer more homogeneous light distribution. Furthermore, the ‘Stram Prismatic’ option incorporates a diffuser made from refractive microoptics with a unique three-dimensional wave effect and a tighter spread angle that allows for increased visual comfort.

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