Salt, iF Product Design Award 2015

The suspended high-bay fitting by Arkoslight, awarded for its design

Salt, the high-bay fitting Arkoslight will release in to the market, has been awarded with the IF Design Award 2015.

Salt, designed by Rubén Saldaña, is the suspended LED high-bay fitting that combines the features of an industrial luminaire with the aesthetics and elegance of interior design. Arkoslight is launching a product that breaks the bond between power and disproportionate size, between strong light flow and strident aesthetics. Finally, a suspended high-bay with great features that boasts an aesthetic that has been carefully conceived and designed to be beautiful unto itself.

This has been achieved by integrating dissipation into the geometry of the fitting itself, thus ensuring it goes unnoticed. Besides being minimalist and unobtrusive, this dissipator achieves excellent heat control and enables Salt to offer light packets of up to 8,000 Lm. Despite this strong light flow, the design for housing the LED light source on Salt offers remarkable visual comfort thanks to a great diffuser, which distributes the light evenly and reduces glare (even from directly overhead).

The power device on Salt is also integrated into the luminaire itself, which means the fitting can be hung at any height and interior designs can be created in spaces where distance from the ceiling is not an obstacle. Salt comes in versions that combine texturised matt black and white exteriors with white, gold and orangey-red interiors. A translucent finish in transparent polycarbonate is also available. The careful finishes, elegant yet austere geometry and harmonised proportions combine to create a distinguished piece with an attractive presence, excellent functionality and exclusive personality.

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