Minimal Track – Bronze Delta ADI Award

Minimal Track, designed by Rubén Saldaña, have been chosen as ‘Delta Bronze 2020’ by the expert committee of the prestigious Delta Awards, organized biennially by the ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design and Promotion of the Arts and the Design).

It will now compete for the ‘Delta de Oro’ and ‘Delta de Plata’ awards. Minimal Track will be included in the publication ‘ADI Book Awards 2020’ and will be part of the exhibition ‘The best design of the year’.


An ultrafine profile

Minimal Track is a low voltage (24V) surface track system, where the miniaturization of the profile, luminaires and components reaches a new paradigm. Its ultrafine design is perceived as a minimalist line on the ceiling, creating a trimless visual effect. The system is composed of a matt black anodized aluminium profile and a flexible rectangular-section conductor. The two elements merge into total visual uniformity along the whole path. Measuring 15 mm wide and 10 mm high, its surface application is practically imperceptible, with no connections, fastening elements or connection tracks in sight.

About the Delta Awards

The Delta Awards are granted every two years to industrial designers and companies in recognition of their work. Since the first edition in 1961, the  Delta Awards have been a significant channel for the promotion of the Spanish designers and companies, but also a valuable platform for their public recognition.

The purpose of the Delta Awards is to celebrate excellence in design and emphasize its importance as a privileged tool for creating wealth in an industrial economy, as well as highlighting its essential role as an expression of our social and cultural values. Industrial design is the process that shapes many anonymous objects we live with every day and makes them possible. Behind each of them , there are professionals who have worked responsibly, taking into account the user, the manufacturing process, the creativity, and the competitiveness, and also there are companies that are committed to design as a strategic value.

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