Minimal Track, ADCV Gold 2022

Arkoslight was the big winner of the ADCV Award 2022 in the lighting category. A total of three luminaires designed by Rubén Saldaña were prized by the institution: Up – Gold winner in decorative lighting, Minimal Track -Gold winner in technical lighting, and Black Foster Micro – Silver winner in technical lighting.

Arkoslight stands out in the lighting sector for winning three of the four awards in the subcategories of decorative and technical lighting. The VI ADCV Award has recognized 64 creative projects from several fields that represent the best designs of the Valencian industry in the last year. The award also points out the leading companies that drive business (corporate), cultural, and social innovation through design.


Minimal Track is a low voltage (24V) surface track system, where the miniaturization of the profile, luminaires and components reaches a new paradigm. Its ultrafine design is perceived as a minimalist line on the ceiling, creating a trimless visual effect. The system is composed of a matt black anodized aluminium profile and a flexible rectangular-section conductor. The two elements merge into total visual uniformity along the whole path. Measuring 15 mm wide and 10 mm high, its surface application is practically imperceptible, with no connections, fastening elements or connection tracks in sight.

Minimal Track is very easy to install. First, the profile marks the structural path of the system. Then, the flexible conductor is pressure-coupled inside the profile, with no need for tools, and continuously along the whole path. Thus, this thermoplastic rubber that contains the copper tracks electrifies the unit. The luminaires are pressure-connected and are secured with two small safety mechanisms. The Minimal Track corners permit a 90º change in direction in one or several planes.

Minimal Track is designed for spaces where miniaturized lighting is required, such as window-dressing, low ceilings, or just to be absolutely discrete wherever the track has an obvious presence for the observer.

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