Alaska Big, European Product Design Award Winner

Alaska Big winner of the European Product Design Award 2021

The new suspended luminaire Alaska Big, designed by the product manager of Arkoslight – Rubén Saldaña, have been awarded with the “European Product Design Award – Winner 2021” in the category of “Illumination – Architectural lighting”.

About Alaska Big

Alaska Big is a jewel of suspended light. A magical sphere of solid glass with a magnetic and inexplicable appeal. To include it in the interior design is to give it an icon, warm and seductive. Its optical glass globe of great purity encloses a teardrop of light and is a work of craftsmanship that is polished by hand to create a unique piece as a whole.

Its shape and light are a modern reinterpretation, through technology and design, of the classic incandescent filament bulb. Its connection system to the ceiling plane is also an opportunity to express creativity in interior design.

About the European Product Design Award

The European Product Design Award™ recognizes the efforts of talented international product and industrial designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. ePDA shares their innovative and ground-breaking products with the world.

With over thousand entries from across the globe, the European Product Design Award winners represent the world’s best product designers.

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