Thor, A´Design Award Winner Silver 2015

Thor, awarded for its design.

Thor, designed by the Arkoslight design director, Ruben Saldaña, has been awarded the A’Design Award 2015 for its design quality and innovation.

The A’Design Award is the most important international design award granted in Italy, and thousands of products from all over the globe, created by some of the world’s most prestigious industrial designs, compete in it.

The recognition of the A’Design Award is a distinction for the market’s most outstanding and innovative products, which mark a difference due to their excellent design. It is also a mark of quality granted by a highly reputed independent jury that supports and distinguishes the year’s best products.

About Thor

Thor is the most compact LED spotlight on the market, with high luminous flux, that works with passive dissipation (without a ventilator). Moreover, with the driver integrated into the arm of the luminary we get a stable center mass. This means it can be turned in any direction without causing the track to tilt.

Thor has a wide range of accessories. Discover the decorative colour filters and the special ones for foods. It has an anti-glare asymmetric screen and honeycomb panel. To modify the light beam shape, use the elliptical lens. Moreover, there are adaptors for recessed or surface fitting.

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