“Top Fancy Shape“ & “Alaska“, FX International Interior Design Award Nominee

“Top Fancy Shape” & “Alaska” designed by Rubén Saldaña -Arkoslight product manager-, have been selected as finalists in the awards FX International Interior Design Award within the lighting category.

The annual FX International Interior Design Award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, where the winners will be announced.


About FX International Interior Design Award

The prestigious FX International Interior Design Awards invite both British and international design talent from all over the world to enter the very best of interior products and projects. These coveted awards are one of the highlights of the design industry calendar.

About Top Fancy Shape

Top Fancy Shape is a small downlight which can be distributed with complete freedom throughout the space by creating patterns and designs originating from a surface-mounted base.

Top Fancy Shape is the only light available on the market which allows for a full light installation to be created from a single light source for spaces in which concealed lights are impossible. The cable can be moved along the ceiling thanks to small pistons which create vertices in the shape of the cable. The layout of these points can be freely chosen and designed by the user.

It achieves a subtle and minimalist aesthetic with pure lines which seemingly levitate delicately a few centimetres from the ceiling and which can be paired with cylindrical wall lamps.

About Alaska

Alaska is a jewel of light. A magical sphere of solid glass with a magnetic and inexplicable appeal. To include it in the interior design is to give it an icon, warm and seductive. Its optical glass globe of great purity encloses a teardrop of light and is a work of craftsmanship that is polished by hand to create a unique piece as a whole.

Its shape and light are a modern reinterpretation, through technology and design, of the classic incandescent filament bulb. Its connection system to the ceiling plane is also an opportunity to express creativity in interior design.

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