Minimal Track & Rhino, European Product Design Award

Minimal Track & Rhino, designed by Arkoslight’s head of design Rubén Saldaña winner of the “European Product Design Awards – Honorable Mention 2020” within the lighting category.

All submissions were evaluated by an expert jury of luminaries. The jury committee was comprised of independent designers, clients, design educators and editors who are devoted to brilliance in design. The evaluation is based on a range of criteria that are constantly adapted to current standards.

About the prize

The Product Design of the Year Award recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve our daily lives with a practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy.

About Minimal Track

Minimal Track is a low voltage (24V) surface track system, where the miniaturization of the profile, luminaires and components reaches a new paradigm. Its ultrafine design is perceived as a minimalist line on the ceiling, creating a trimless visual effect.

The system is composed of a matt black anodized aluminium profile and a flexible rectangular-section conductor. The two elements merge into total visual uniformity along the whole path. Measuring 15 mm wide and 10 mm high, its surface application is practically imperceptible, with no connections, fastening elements or connection tracks in sight.

About Rhino

Rhino, designed by Ruben Saldaña, Arkoslight’s product director, is a floor wash light that stands out slightly from the wall, cleanly and directly projecting the light obliquely. By doing so, it breaks away from the two design dogmas of this type of luminaire: it relinquishes absolute recessed installation and avoids directing the beam to the exterior, availing itself of rebound surfaces. With this, it has the advantage of being a luminaire with outstanding light efficiency –among its alternatives – defining it from the aesthetic viewpoint.


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