FITI, winner of the European Design Competition „Lights of the Future 2002“

Fiti, Arkoslight light designed by Javier Ebri, has been declared the winner at the European Design Competition, “Lights of the Future 2002”. The European contest aims to reward innovation that improves architectural lighting.

In accordance with the Kyoto Agreement and the energy purposes of the European Union with a view to 2020, European Design Competition wants to project companies that contribute to reduce the impact of residential energy consumption through good design. The integration of the most innovative technology, the use of new materials, and the aesthetic improvement have been the main values ​​that the jury has taken into account. The contest has had a total of 500 participants, of which 72 have been finalists.

This practical lighting unit is made from laser-cut die-cast aluminum parts. It is designed as an efficient, correct, innovative and original lighting system for any showcase, gallery or exhibition space where there is a socket. Without any electrical installation, it can be shifted and the size can be adjusted easily.

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