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Minimal Track Suspension is a low voltage (24V) surface track system, where the miniaturization of the profile, luminaires and components reaches a new paradigm. Its ultrafine design is perceived as a minimalist line on the ceiling, creating a trimless visual effect.​

Minimal Track Suspension

A line of only 10 mm that floats and crosses the architectural space almost unnoticed. The mechanical components of the Minimal Track have been minimized to increase its visual lightness in the space: tensioners of only 0.6 mm, minimal supports …
Everything, to achieve suspended lightness.





Awarded with two Red Dot Design Award 2020 

Minimal Track, the miniaturized track system, has been awarded with two Red Dot Design Award: Red Dot Design Award 2020 and Red Dot Innovative Product Award.





Minimal Track is designed for spaces where miniaturized lighting is required, such as window-dressing, low ceilings, or just to be absolutely discrete wherever the track has an obvious presence for the observer.

Therefore, it has a range of 7 products: Alaska, Six XS, iO Micro, Plus Micro, Fit 24V, Top Micro and Line Micro.

News 2020 talks – Minimal Track

Minimal Track Instalation

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