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ARK-Control is a wireless system that controls
the functioning and features of our installation,
thus helping to create the best light environment
design. Groups of luminaires can be switched
on and off, and scenes and animations can be
created from any mobile device, by integrating
technologies such as Dim to Warm or Tunable
White, and remotely programming the lighting
activity of your area.
Thus, with a simple Bluetooth connection, the
professional management of complex light
installations is placed within our reach.


Control the luminaries with voice orders using virtual assistants such as Alexa or others. The ARK-Control system is compatible with most popular voice home automation services. Confi gurate your house lighting speaking directly to your “Smart” devices.


ARK-Control takes advantage of the technical potential of our luminaires, especially those with Dim to Warm and Tunable White technology. The system permits confi guring the correct light colour temperature and intensity to adapt to human needs in interior spaces. We can convert the space into a dynamic environment thanks to the active role of the light. All of this can be done easily from our device.

Further, thanks to the built-in Sunrise & Sunset Schedule, the APP analyses the time of sunrise and sunset -according to our location obtained by GPS- to achieve optimal light control throughout the whole day. This functionality can be combined with natural light sensors, to take advantage of the sunlight and favour energy saving.

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