The New Home of Light

Expansion and complete renovation of Arkoslight’s  head  offices

The project, signed by the designer Francesc Rifé and architect Victor García, is another important step in the growth and projection of the firm.

Arkoslight has just inaugurated its new facilities in Valencia (Spain), after a process of complete renovation and expansion of the Company’s head offices.

With these new headquarters, Arkoslight increased the space dedicated to its offices (from 1.000 to 2.200 m2) and multiplied by six the surface of its showroom, where  its complete catalogue of luminaires – awarded  at international level for their design-is exhibited.

The project, is based on the integration of the work areas with the Company’s showroom. Thanks to the configuration of a spectacular inner courtyard and an open distribution of all the areas, the new concept’s aim is to enable the meeting of natural light with the luminaires of the brand.

The link created between light, space and materials has become, once more, a means of expression. As a first proof of it, the double-height entrance hall, where walnut wood slats of different lengths, blend in a balanced way with the black steel, and integrates the reception desk and the access doors to the work areas. This lobby, whose main character is the composition of suspended luminaires ( Spin), contrasts with a glass structure used to delineate the inner courtyard, that is enhanced by  aluminium profiles on the outside, and wooden profiles on the inside part. This glass composition has the peculiarity of including small wooden shutters partially covering each of the windows, which transparency in width and length enables the light to flow not only through the work areas, but also the part of the factory annexed to this expansion.

The central courtyard, catching the light and allowing to visually extend the link between the different departments, acts as a nexus, and divides the offices into two main areas. It is a real “lung” for the building, in which an imposing suspended metal structure integrating the vegetation is living. This green wall becomes the centre of attention of the project, since it is visible from the majority of spaces. Under this hanging garden, a thin curtain of water casts its reflection and starts an endless dialogue with the sunlight during the day, and the stars at night.

Alongside the courtyard, two stairways have been designed in order to connect the different levels of the building, both made of black-tinted steel sheet. The largest and most spectacular one is the result of a geometry exercise and a weight calculation that ended with the definition of its shape and size. The showroom, also distributed over two heights, recreates small atmospheres, trying to communicate the energy and qualities of the products displayed.  On the lower level, there is a large meeting table and training area placed in a peripheral way, whereas the upper level includes a luminous sensations lounge and a networking area. The floor of the first level is covered with porcelain tiling in large format in a mink grey colour, and for the second level, we have used Walnut Parklex, to contrast with the black and white colours of the project.

The purpose was, as a general line, to make the communication easier between the employees. Therefore a long overhead walkway was designed, linking horizontally the showroom and some of the work areas. Following the same idea, one of the other important meeting places is the canteen-office, which completes the experience between the offices, and continues in the same spirit as the rest of the project as far as the materials used are concerned. On the other hand, acoustics plays an important role in open-zone work areas, where a series of Kvadra dark-blue upholstered sound-absorbing plates have been installed in the ceiling, also contributing to the aesthetic quality.

The exterior of the building has been thoughtfully modified with various openings and a new entrance access. This access is accompanied by a visor-shaped steel roof which base is embedded in the structure of the façade. The integrated illumination in the ground delineates the contours of the building, and we have also added some paths of black gravel and olive trees, symbolizing the Mediterranean hospitality.

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